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Meet the CEO/Founder


Hi! I'm Joy Ashli, Serial Entrepreneur, who finds joy in helping others succeed in various areas of their lives. I'm really excited to get your projects completed from start to finish!

I have worked in several private and public sectors which has given me the ability to utilize the skills, training and resources to operate in this business. 

This all began in 2015, I was elected as a Project Coordinator for American Baptist Women Ministries Young Adult Women (ABWM). From that point,  I just knew that not only did I enjoy helping people put together events, fundraisers and other processes, but there was a need for a fresh voice and extra hand when it came to working in any capacity of any organization.

I have had the pleasure of having jobs such as an Executive Assistant for a Fortune 500 company and eventually becoming an Office Manager for a start up company which I managed three office locations in New York remotely. 

While I have had these jobs, I always felt like I was placed in a box. I felt as if there was NO place for me to truly do what I love to do. So I took advantage of this moment right here!

In February 2022, I was suddenly laid off and I had to make a move! While searching for other jobs and getting rejected, I knew God had other plans for me! It was already inside of me! 

J Ashli Enterprises is not just your average virtual assistant business. This is a place to grow, succeed and make an impact! Whether you need resources for your business, extensive planning for events, or just a place where you can talk to me about where you want to see yourself in general...this place is for you! It's not about me! It's all about YOU!

Thank you for choosing me to help you during your journey!

With love, 

Joy A. Andrews